Blender Class

Summer 2020

Made With: Blender, Photoshop

Image of a rendered humanoid robot. It is black with red accents on the head and joints.

A robot I made for a lesson about humanoid models.

Image of a wall made of glass with towers on either end. There is a red cube sitting behind it.

A fortress wall I made for the prompt “barrier.”

A model of a tall diamond puck with 8 people inside it facing outwards.

A puck with a bunch of people on it.

I had already messed around with Blender a little in the past, but this class helped me learn more about materials, workflow tips, and how the new version of Blender worked (I had experimented with it prior to 2.8). I made a few models (shown above) that I think are cool.

These models are part of one of the three projects that I did as part of a free RISD summer program (the other projects were Turtle Game and Providence Subway).