Exam Schedules

Fall 2019

Made With: HTML/CSS/JS

Before Covid, Classical High School’s method of test room numbers for midterms and finals was to put up a multi-page table in a few places around the school. This system worked, but it was sometimes tricky to find the table and then took a bit to go through it for each of your classes.

To help alleviate this, I made an app where students could enter their classes and get a personalized schedule with their test room-numbers on it.

The app saw widespread use at Classical and got over a thousand visits. The core structure of the app is there, so it just needs the updated info swapped out for each exam.

This app still works fine, but looks a bit dated compared to some of my newer projects; the gradient style I used makes it a little hard to read and the dropdown menus are not optimal. I’ll update it should we be taking finals in person this year, or when I pass it on to a younger student to maintain it.