Made With: ❤️

This is a collection of tools that I made for myself so I haven’t written them up yet but given they might be useful, I’m linking them here :)

Send ( - this is the tool I use the most! Sends text between any two devices with a browser. Links are auto-linked for ease of tapping. Messages can be seen by anyone in the room, but no messages are logged.

I use this whenever I need to get a zoom link / google doc link onto another computer (usually a classroom computer) without logging in to any service.

Tip: click/tap on the rectangle to the left of a message to copy the whole message to your clipboard.

Color Extractor ( - a tool to find and display hex codes in the pasted text. Nice for pasting things in from Illustrator/any SVG when you want to quickly grab the colors. Also serves as a quick way to display colors in general.

Screen Size ( - quickly determine the size of your browser’s viewport or your total screen size.

Flood Fill ( - simply displays a CSS color in the background of the page. Nice for monitor stuck pixel tests or if you need a background flood light on a video call.

Time ( - displays the current time using as much of the page as it can. Installable as a PWA, which lets you keep the current time larger somewhere on your screen/another monitor.

Unicode Keyboard ( - a small unicode keyboard. Made to demo how flags and skin-tone modifiers work with emoji.

Text to Color Hash ( - a tool that takes the sha-256 hash of inputted text and renders the first 48 bits as a hex color. Nice for picking a random color based on some text. Also fun as a horoscope-esque “official color” for friends. (5b0555 is the only color that maps to itself :)