Classical Schedule

Winter 2020 - Summer 2021

Made With: HTML/CSS/JS

Distance learning has changed school in many ways since March and one of those ways is a lack of bells at home. For many students, myself included, it’s hard to keep track of time during classes, especially if we’re left to do work outside of a Zoom call. To help alleviate this, I made a web app that tells Classical Students the current period as well as how much time is left, the start time, and end time as well as a progress bar to visually indicate how far through the period they are.

I’ve received all positive feedback so far and have fixed a minor bug that was found by a user of the app. I’m planning to expand the functionality of the app to display the entire daily schedule as well a provide optional audio cues for a period change. This project is one of a few that live on the Classical Chronicle website